Fair for Modern
and Contemporary
12 – 15


art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys
art berlin fair 2019 © Clemens Porikys





The third edition of art berlin is taking place at Tempelhof Airport, 12–15 September 2019. Around 110 galleries from home and abroad will present emerging and established contemporary art along with Modernist works in three sections: Galleries, Special Projects and the Salon.


The fair will feature a comprehensive program of additional events: the Talk Program, the Joinery Video Program by LISTE (Art Fair Basel), a performance program by The Perfomance Agency and Gallery Openings on the Friday evening at participating art berlin galleries. art berlin is also a part of Berlin Art Week, which gathers together openings and exhibitions in museums, institutions and private collections. 


The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and Audi City Berlin are partners of art berlin. 


art Berlin recommends the German Association of Independent Art Advisors, which was founded in 2014 with the aim of establishing independent and impartial art advisory services.




Opening Hours


Thursday 12 September: 4 – 8 pm Opening

Friday 13 September: 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday 14 September: 11 am – 7 pm

Sunday 15 September: 11 am – 6 pm



Tickets & Prices

Opening Ticket: 36 Euro

Daily ticket: 22 Euro

Reduced ticket: 16 Euro

Family ticket: 45 Euro




Guided Tours


Daily Guided Tours by Niche

Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 4 pm: 10 €

Meeting point at the Tour Counter


Guided Tours for Children by Ephra

Saturday and Sunday fromm 11 am – 5 pm every full hour: pay what you want

90 min tour up to 7 kids between 6-12 years old

Booking at the Tour Counter / Meeting point at the Kidspoint


Children under twelve can enter for free. 
Reduced Price: available for pupils, students and trainees, unemployed, asylem seekers/refugees, retiress and disabled (upon presentation of the corresponding identification).


Flughafen Tempelhof

Hangar 5 and 6

Tempelhofer Damm 45

12101 Berlin

U6 Paradestrasse








Coats and jackets can be deposited in the wardrobe for 3 euros. Umbrellas, handbags, backpacks, shopping bags etc. can be deposited in the wardrobe free of charge. You may bring a handbag of  40 x 30 x 10 cm into the fair after security inspection.









Friday, 13.9.2019

Judging Art

Berlin Art Prize at art berlin


1:30 pm



1:45 pm

Art in the Public Space: What, How, and for Whom?

Martin Schönfeld (Büro für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum), Mischa Kuball (artist), Henrike Naumann (artist), Joanna Warsza (curator), moderated by María Inés Plaza Lazo


3 pm

Gender, Race, Class: Towards Fairness? Old Gaps & New Movements

Julieta Aranda (artist), Lisette Lagnado (curator of the Berlin Biennale XI), Mohammad Salemy (art critic & author),moderated by Alicia Reuter


4 pm

Forever Young: What Belongs in a Museum for Contemporary Art? 

Susanne Pfeffer (director of MMK Frankfurt), Kolja Reichert (art critic, FAZ), Slavs & Tatars (artists), moderated by Sophie Jung



Saturday, 14.9.2019

LBBW Art Talks in cooperation with Monopol


1:30 pm

Conversation with Asta Gröting 

moderated by Elke Buhr (Monopol)


3 pm

Conversation with Thomas Locher 

moderated by Elke Buhr (Monopol)


4:30 pm 

Conversation with Josephine Meckseper

moderated by Silke Hohmann (Monopol)



Sunday, 15.9.2019

Talks & Book Launch


12 pm

Art Production in LaLa Land. From the Beginnings of CalArts to Contemporary Digital Imagery in Los Angeles

Louisa Clement (artist), Julika Bosch (curator, kestnergesellschaft), moderated by Heike Catherina Mertens (Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V.)


1:30 pm

Book Launch & Signing

Edi Rama (artist), Anri Sala (artist), Martin Herbert (art critic);

moderated by Silke Hohmann (Monopol)


3 pm

BPA Berlin Program for ArtistsBerlin Artist to Artist Infrastructure

Angela Bulloch (artist), Willem de Rooij (artist), Simon Denny (artist);

moderated by Dr. Clémentine Deliss (curator)


4:30 pm

Georgia Now – Collecting as Cultural Responsibility

Dr. Heike Fuhlbrügge (curator, Berlin), Tamuna Arshba (co-founder ERTI Gallery, Tbilisi), SOLO Bank (first art collection program Tbilisi)




JOINERY Video Program
presented by LISTE Art Fair Basel

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 1 pm – 6.15 pm


1 pm – 2:15 pm

Super Dakota
!Mediengruppe Bitnik (*1976 and *1979, they live in Berlin and Zurich), 
/Surveillance Chess/, 2012, video, sound, 7 min.


Christopher Aque (*1987, lives in New York), 
Idling, Super 8 film transferred to 4K video, 2018, 7 min.


Daniela and Linda Dostálková (*1979 and *1977, both live in Prague), 
Quality: Flexibility, 2016, HD video, sound, 3 min. 25 sec.


Buhlebezwe Siwani (*1987, lives in Cape Town and Amsterdam), 
AmaKhosi, 2018, 4K video, sound, 3 min. 57 sec.


Arcadia Missa / SANDY BROWN
Penny Goring (*1962, lives in London), 
Monitor, 2014-15, video, sound, 17 min. 58 sec.


Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán (*1977 and *1978, both live in Bucharest), 
No Shelter From the Storm, 2015, video, sound, 5 min. 42 sec.


Union Pacific
Caroline Mesquita
 (*1989, lives in Paris and Brittany), 
The Ballad, 2017, video, sound, 29 min. 3 sec.


2:15 pm – 3:35 pm


Sariev Contemporary
Vikenti Komitski (*1983, lives in Berlin), 
Lucky Fetish, 2015, video, sound, 54 sec.


MadeIn Gallery
Zheng Yuan (*1988, lives in Beijing), 
A Brief History of China Northwest Airlines, 2018, video, sound, 27 min. 44 sec.


ROH Projects
Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo (*1978, lives in Bandung), 
Ashfall #6, 2016, video, 7 min. 31 sec.


Bronwyn Katz (*1993, lives in Cape Town and Johannesburg), 
Grond Herinnering, 2015, video, sound, 3 min. 52 sec.


Lucas Hirsch
Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė (*1986 and *1987, both live in Basel), 
YGRG 14X: Reading with a single hand, 2018, video, sound, 29 min. 56 sec.


3:35 pm – 4:40 pm

Galerie Gregor Staiger
Shana Moulton (*1976, lives in Santa Barbara), 
Every Angle is an Angel, 2016, video, sound, 6 min. 19 sec.


Galerie Noah Klink
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann and Paul Spengemann (*1990 and *1987, both live in Hamburg), 
The inaccessibility of ancient Greece and its impact, 2016, video, sound, 13 min. 10 sec.


Mónica Heller (*1975, lives in Buenos Aires), 
OK.012/019, 2012-2019, video, sound, 37 min.


Nona Inescu (*1991, lives in Bucharest), 
Vestigial Structures, 2018, HD video, sound, 6 min. 38 sec.


4:40 pm – 6:15 pm

Galerie Maria Bernheim
Miriam Laura Leonardi (*1985, lives in Zurich), 
MAH00612-16, 2017, video, 93 min.


By The Performance Agency


Thursday, 12.9.2019

2 – 4 pm

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, One slice of the landscape (Listening Session)


8:30 pm

CHARM (Concert LIVE)


9 pm

Battle-ax (Concert LIVE) 



Friday, 13.9.2019 

2 – 2:30 pm

Meo Wulf & Carolin Knab, Smedelins (Performance)


4 – 4:30 pm

Amadeus Vogelsang & Juno Moritz (Performance)



Saturday 14.9.2019 

11:30 am

DIESER FILM IST EIN GESCHENK, 72min, 2019 (filmscreening)

A film by Anja Salomonowitz, with Daniel Spoerri, Oskar Salomonowitz and Federico Vecchi


4 pm

Barock Obama, Einsingen nach René Pollesch und Programm (Performance)


4:30 pm

Michele di Menna, mumsnet (Performance)


5 pm

Anastasios Logothetis, Post-Anthropocene Striptease (Performance)


5:30 pm

Lilli Thiessen & Daphne Ahlers, HULFE (Teaser)


Sunday, 15.9.2019 

2 pm

Lisa Holzer, The reality has no door (Performative Gesture)


2 – 5 pm

Caique Tizzi, Bubble Tea by Mealux Station (Pop-up Bar)


5 pm

Albrecht Pischel, Detumescence (after Dan Graham)

art berlin





Friday, 13 September, 6 – 9 pm


Baudach, Erik van Lieshout* / Borch, Huma Bhabha / BQ, Jochen Lempert* / Brutto Gusto, Guido Sengle* / burster, “on view: Studierende der Universität der Künste Berlin” / Capitain Petzel, Yael Bartana / carlier | gebauer, Laure Prouvost*/ ChertLüdde, Gabriel Chaile, Gillian Brett, Costantinos Taliotis* / Crone, Tomas Kleiner, Marco Biermann, „Zwei Alter : Jung“ / Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Bernhard Martin* / Ebensperger Rhomberg, Mark van Yetter* / Efremidis, Nuria Fuster, aaajiao* / Eigen + Art, Olaf Nicolai* / FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph, Wim Botha* / Konrad Fischer, Carl Andre / M+R Fricke*, Friederike Klotz / Klaus Gerrit Friese, Thomas Müller / Philipp Haverkampf, Alex Ruthner* / House of Egorn, Andrés Pereira Paz / Michael Janssen, Aiko Tezuka* / kajetan, Jan Wawrzyniak* / Kewenig, Imi Knoebel* / Klemm´s, Viktoria Binschtok, Gabrielle Beveridge, Ulrich Lambsfuß, Ken Lum* / Klosterfelde Edition, Almut Heise / König, „What Beauty Is, I Know Not“ / Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Zhou Siwei / alexander levy, Mischa Leinkauf / Daniel Marzona, Olaf Holzapfel / Meyer Riegger, John Miller / Nagel Draxler, Pedro Wirz, Luke Willis Thompson* / Neu, Anne Collier / Nome, Paolo Cirio*  / Georg Nothelfer, Emil Schumacher*/ Alexander Ochs Private, Till Brönner* / Persons Projects, Jorma Puranen / Helsinki School, Ville Kumpulainen / Esther Schipper, Roman Ondak / Michael Schultz, Emil Schumacher* / Sexauer, Philip Grözinger / Soy Capitán, Eli Cortiñas* / Sprüth Magers, Hanne Darboven, Ryan Trecartin / Taubert Contemporary, Joachim Grommek / Barbara Thumm, 1301PE@GBT / Tanja Wagner, Angelika J. Trojnarski* / Barbara Wien, Ingrid Wiener /  XC HuA, Tomas Vu / Zilberman, Isaac Chong Wai


* Opening





Contact office


art berlin
Potsdamer Str 93
10785 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0)30 700 38 771

Email: info@artberlinfair.com


General Manager
Christiane Rhein
Maike Cruse
Project Manager
Carlotta Rösner
Jan Dietrich





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